28 July 2010

Palais Liechtenstein

Some of Chris' classes were in the Palais Liechtenstein - must be nice to go to school in a palace. The palace is also home to an art museum, and Chris has been wanting to go for awhile. There is also a really awesome park on the grounds. So off we went to the art museum, but we stopped at the park first for the kids to get some play time before we made them be quiet for an hour or two...

As you can see, the best part of the park was the zipline, which the kids absolutely loved riding together. I didn't think it would work, but they actually preferred riding it this way!

Here we are in front of the palace. Nice place for a classroom.

Inside the museum there was this beautiful carriage. Elora loves these old "Cinderella Carriages".

This was the main hall upstairs, and I thought it was the best part of the museum. We spent a lot of time here admiring the ceiling. We don't have pics of the artwork, we weren't sure if we were allowed to take pictures or not, and it always feels strange to take pics of a painting when you are not sure if you are supposed to.

Chris showing Oliver the ceiling. He actually prefers paintings on the ceilings to ones on the walls. We can get him to actually look at them for a few minutes before he decides to run away. Elora really liked the chairs which were all painted gold. She thought that was very fancy.

Here is one of the staircases. There was a staircase on each side of the building, each one with a beautiful fresco on the ceiling. This palace is actually still owned by the family Liechtenstein, and they also own a castle outside of Vienna. There was a nice history of the family on the wall that dated back to the 1100s and a portrait of the current couple who owns the palace. All the paintings and art are part of their private collection.

Here is the statue that was on the staircase.

And another beautiful statue in the entry hall.

After the museum we walked over to the Votive Kirche and were very disappointed that it was closed for lunch. Because of course no one wants to pray between 1 and 4 pm. We will have to head back over there another day.

We also walked past the Rathaus, which is all set up for the film festival.

Chris took us to a little Italian place near the palace that has amazing calzones. He always used to talk about these when he was going to class, and this was my first time finally getting to try one.

And it really was amazing!

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