03 July 2010


While Chris was finishing up his thesis, I took the kids over to the Schonbrunn to enjoy the beautiful weather. The kids loved playing by the fountain and watching the ducks. Oliver was so funny, he wanted to see the ducks, but told me he was too scared to go close to them until they went in the water. Notice he is holding his little train ticket... he loves the train!

Here is Elora near the ducks. She was so excited to see them swimming around.

Then we walked over to the labyrinth. It was so fun and cute to see the kids run around in the maze. I love bringing them here. They really understand that they are trying to get to the middle. Oliver and Elora cheered when we reached the middle.

Then we went to the little maze. Here is Oliver jumping on the bouncing boards.

And of course, into the water! Elora is on a little platform that makes water spray out of the fountain when you move it back and forth. She is actually big enough to move it all by herself now, and Oliver was very happy to play in the water.

Oliver's favorite part is the Glockenspiel - a little spot where you can jump on these squares and each one is a different bell. It sounds like a wind chime when the kids dance on it.

We headed over to the playground, and found the little carousel for the kids. I like this one because it is easy to spin, and the kids don't ask me to ride it!

There is a whole area with funny mirrors. Elora LOVED it. She spent a lot of time checking out each mirror. Here are some of my favorite pics of us in the funny mirrors. This is Oliver when he first discovered the mirror.

Ah! Extra floating heads! We had a great day, but will be excited when Chris can come with us! As of this writing he is off to turn in his thesis! So we will have more activities with daddy in the days to come!

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