23 June 2010

Zoo Days

Every time the sun has come out in the last week and a half, we have headed over to the zoo with different friends. Here are some pics from our last couple zoo days.

Here is Elora and Oliver with our new friend Luke. I met Luke's mom, Heather, on the bus, and it turns out she has lived in our neighborhood as long as we have, and we have never spotted one another until a couple months ago. We met on the bus, and have become fast friends. She also has a little baby girl who didn't make it into any pics. Here are the kids inside the little aquarium at the zoo, playing on the big slide.

They absolutely loved this spot with the big fish tank and a tunnel to crawl through. Every time Luke and Oliver ran off in the aquarium, we found them back here at the slide.

Climbing the big animal statues is always just as fun as seeing real animals!

Oliver's new favorite spot at the zoo is here by the big birds. Storks, pelicans, cranes, and more! He just stands and stares at the birds.

Inside the penguin house, there is this skeleton of a sea lion that Elora is fascinated with. This little shirt she is wearing was a gift from her Nana, and now she wears it every time we go to the zoo because it has zebras on it.

After checking out the new llama exhibit, here is Elora's best llama face. Llama Face!!!!

Here we are at the zoo with our friend Theo. He is just younger than Oliver, and it is one of the few kids we know who Oliver gets to play with. He is still figuring out how to share with someone who is not big enough to clobber him if he refuses... but the kids all love running around and climbing on the animal statues together.

And the favorite attraction at the zoo is the little coin funnel for donations. The kids sat here as long as my friend Andrea supplied them with pennies, and were still disappointed when it was time to go.

We have just recently discovered the large tortoises, and the kids both love them! This huge tortoise was sitting right by the glass eating, and it was nice to finally get to sit down for awhile while the kids sat entranced while watching him eat.

And on the way out the kids discovered the water fountain... I tried to tell them not to get too wet since I did not bring spare clothes...

Here is Elora in her not-too-wet state basking in the sun so she can dry... it didn't work! It took the kids' shoes three days to dry out. Unfortunately Elora was accidentally wearing Oliver's shoes (she has the same pair only bigger) so both of Oliver's pairs of tennis shoes were out of commission for three days... luckily he has some nice rain boots that he got to wear!

Theo and Oliver running around the fountain.

The Schonbrunn gardens have been planted and are in full bloom. So beautiful! I had almost forgotten why I love this place so much. I will need to plan a non-zoo day to just come and enjoy the gardens!

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