30 June 2010

Technisches Museum

We have been spending some time at the Technisches Museum or as Elora likes to call it, the train museum. We recently went with our friends who hadn't been to the museum before. Elora was so excited to show them around. Here is Ellie and Oliver checking out a wind making machine that had a little moving sailboat. Oliver thought it was hilarious whenever the boat would move.

The fun part about seeing the museum with friends is that they had never seen most of the exhibits (and honestly, neither have we!) So we spent a lot of time playing at a lot of the stations in the musuem. This one was Oliver's favorite. There were knobs that changed the amount of red or green or blue showing on a tv screen, as well as buttons that turned lights on and off. Buttons and knobs! What a wonderful spot!

Here are the kids all weighing different blocks to find out which one was the heaviest. I'm not sure we ever figured it out with so many kids taking the blocks on and off the scales...

Elora loved sporting the red and green glasses.

Here is Oliver with his little friend Charlotte. They had a really fun time running around together in the museum.

We eventually made our way up to the little play area for kids. Here is Elora pushing shapes into the big pin board.

There is a little unfinished house that kids can stack blocks onto. Oliver loves the house and thinks it is his. He is usually not a huge fan of sharing the house with anyone, but he let Charlotte come inside with him. He then proceeded to open and close the door for about 20 minutes.

There is a little car that the kids can pretend to fill with gas or change the tire. Oliver and Charlotte sat and drove together, pushing all the buttons and playing with the steering wheel. It was so cute to see them happy playing together!

These little marbles are all magnets and Oliver loves getting them out with the big magnet.

These pics are from a different day. There is a spot where you can sit and have your heart rate recorded on a moniter. Elora loves sitting in the chair and seeing the screen with her heartbeat on it.

Here is Oliver listening to the sound of a heart beat. Both the kids love this part of the museum.

Oliver got so excited every time his heart rate came up on the screen that he would let go of the chair to point and make everything disappear off the screen...

I think this little tree is so cute. There are little apples you can put your hand inside of to feel what is inside. Then you can lift up the little bees to see a picture of what was inside.

I love the way Oliver contorts his little arm while trying to get the beads where he wants them.

Up near the little house is this crane with a bucket that can be moved around and loaded with the little blocks that the kids use to build the walls of the house.

Elora building - she loves doing this and gets really mad because Oliver always knocks all of the blocks down.

Oliver didn't want to stack the blocks, but he did like wearing the hard hat.

Elora loading up the blocks to take to the building site. My friend Brooke and I agree that this little play area needs to be duplicated in the ultimate basement play area when we have bigger houses...

In the book area is this giant stuffed animal of the very hungry caterpillar. Oliver loves it! I wish I could find one to get for him...

I love these.... Oliver does too.

These little chairs can be lifted up and down with a rope and pulley. Most kids can lift themselves when they are sitting in it. I helped Oliver a bit, and he thought it was very funny. This museum is so fun. One of these days I'll make it around to the exhibits we haven't seen yet!

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