13 June 2010

Technisches Museum

During our month of rain, we tried to get out to some fun museums so the kids wouldn't have to play inside the apartment every day. One of our favorites is the Technisches Museum. I have a year pass and the kids are free, and it is definately Oliver' favorite museum (although you can't tell in this pic, he was a little grumpy with the rain today).

Elora knows where we are going though, and is very excited. She calls it the "train museum" and also loves the "fancy building" that the museum is in.

Inside there are many different exhibits about transportation, energy, the human body, and a bunch of other stuff I have never seen, because we usually don't get too far past the trains. The kids love seeing all the trains, and here is Elora practicing her "Mommy asked me to stand here and smile so I will grimace for the camera" face.

Oliver was so happy and ran from train to train pointing and yelling "choo choo!" We were lucky to be there when a kindergarten class was getting a tour, so we actually got to see one train with the wheels moving, whistle blowing, lights going on, etc. Very exciting day for my choo choo boy, who when you ask him what he wants to do on any day he answers "Ride bus. Ride choo choo." Luckily we can accomodate his wishes most days of the week since we ride and bus and a train when going anywhere farther than the backyard or corner store.

Here are the kids overlooking the trains, and also hugging. I asked them to sit down so I could take a pic, and Oliver hugged Elora instead. Very sweet.

There is a little play area for kids that is super fun with a fire truck, big blocks, music toys, little cars, and of course... books! This is where both kids headed first while waiting for our friends to arrive.

After playing in the play area, we headed down to the cafe so the kids could eat a snack. Right by the cafe is a pendulum, Oliver's other favorite part of the museum. I think he could watch it all day. Here is Luke (our new little friend we met on the bus), Oliver, and Elora all watching the big ball swing back and forth... I am so glad I live near this musuem, it gives us a neat place to explore and learn! I will have to get around to seeing all the exhibits one of these days.

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