22 June 2010

Church BBQ

Our church had a barbeque a couple weeks back to celebrate the 30th anniversary of when our stake was organized in Vienna (or something like that, people spoke in German a lot so I may have gotten the number of years wrong...). It was actually super hot. Like 30 degrees Celsius, whatever that is. All I know is it was hotter than I have ever experienced in Vienna. But we packed up the kids and went to have some free food and enjoy hanging out with our friends.

Okay, so I did eat a lot, but not THAT much. Chris thought he was being hilarious by taking pics of me surrounded by everyone's plates. Cute Chris. But the food was good, someone brought tons of roast chicken, I got to try halloumi, which is like grilled fresh mozzarella cheese - so amazing, and someone brought an American style chocolate cake which was very much appreciated!

There was a bounce house for kids, and I am not kidding, Elora and Oliver probably spent almost two hours in it, despite the heat. They didn't eat much once they discovered this wonderful invention.

So fun to watch them play in the little house. There weren't as many kids trying to take it over as I thought there would be, so Oliver was able to bounce a lot without having to worry about getting clobbered by big kids. It was nice that the kids stayed so occupied - gave us a chance to chat with our friends without having to chase the kids around.

The kids looked so hot when we left, that we stopped for some ice cream. Check out Oliver's sweaty hair! I might have to cut it if it ever gets really hot this summer for more than a day! But I love that his hair gets curly when he it is warm and humid, so I just can't bring myself to cut it.... We all enjoyed our day out and our chocolate ice cream! Even if I need to hose down the stroller now... it was so hot the ice cream melted before even Ollie the super fast eater could hork it all down!


  1. sure you didin't eat allthose plates, just keep telling us that.. we know the truth..lol love you crazy kids!!

  2. Ha ha, Chris says that is his favorite picture of me... I did eat a ton, but I limited myself to two plates that I just refilled!


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