17 June 2010

Bedtime Fun

The kids love to play in Elora's castle, in fact it is hard to get them out of it so they will go to bed. I love how they are glaring at us as if we are interrupting something very important by trying to get their attention...

Elora stocks her stuff inside the castle, and the kids just sit together and look at everything. It is so funny that this occupies them for so long, but they love to just sit and talk together. Elora tells little stories while Oliver takes a look at all of Elora's "treasures".

In an attempt to help Oliver realize that other jammies are just as neat as his Thomas the Train pajamas, we put him in the Batman pajamas that have been handed down from the cousins, and Chris showed Oliver the opening credits to the original Batman tv show. As you can see, he absolutely loved it, and now he loves his Batman jammies too. He also runs around singing, "na na na na ba-ma!" Awesome!

And what better way to prep for bed, then to sit inside the laundry basket reading a book? Everytime I tried to get him out he would just lift up the lid, smile at me, say hi, close the lid, and go back to reading. I guess we all need our fortress of solitude...

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