28 June 2010

Around the House

Oliver and Elora are not allowed to jump on the bed (because Elora would be fine, but Oliver always ends up falling off...) so they have found a substitute. They sit on the bed and bounce as high as they can, giggling away. It is so fun to hear them giggle while they play together.

Oliver was being very quiet the other day, so I went to see what he was up to. He has apparently learned how to open the cupboard where we keep the "paper-page" books, and was having a great time pulling them all out to look at. So much for keeping those out of his reach, he learned to open that cupboard before Elora and those are her books!

Oliver loves to help Daddy do sit ups. It makes the exercise a little harder, but those are some great hugs! Ollie also likes to help do push ups by sitting on Daddy's back...

And more exercise for Daddy, he gets to lift Oliver up and down like he's bench pressing... Only a little harder because Oliver wiggles!

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