30 May 2010

Windy Park Day

One windy day, the rain took a break and Chris wanted to try out the kite again. I thought maybe it was too windy, but I don't know how to fly a kite, so I went along with the plan...

Oliver was so excited about the kite, he decided to carry it to the park all by himself.

Here are the kids hiking through the "jungle" as Oliver likes to call it, up to the park on the huge hill by our house.

Here is Oliver's super excited face while Chris got out the kite and got it ready to fly.

Here is Chris attempting to fly the kite. The wind in Vienna is so weird - it changes directions, blows suddenly and then stops completely, and pretty much never stays consistent in any way. So the kite flying did not go real well. But honestly, it doesn't matter because the kids get super excited when it flies for even two seconds. Chris however, knows what a kite is supposed to do when it flies, and wanted to keep trying until it worked...

The kids gave up on the kite and hung out in the bird's nest swing. They LOVE to swing. And they don't get to do it much, because I rarely bring them to this park, I always go to the one closer to our house because of the little slide and bouncers that Oliver can go on all by himself. This is how they spent the remainder of our time at the park on this windy day.

Oliver trying to get his hat back so he can throw it on the ground again... He doesn't want to wear the hat, he just wants to have the chance to yell "MINE!" while grabbing something. That is his new favorite word, and we don't allow him to say the toys are his (they belong to everyone!), but we let him claim the hat as his own....

Daddy finally gave up on the kite and hung out in the bird's nest with the kids. I love Oliver's crazy windblown hair, and Elora's awesome hat. But most of all I love being able to hang out outside with my favorite people in the world!

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