14 May 2010

Wiener Wanderung und Erdbeeren Topfenknödel

The weather has been really nice. The Vienna newspapers attribute the ash cloud in the atmosphere from the Iceland Volcano as making the weather about 10 degrees cooler this time of year. Either that or sunspots. We invited some friends over last week for a walk in the park. Fortunately, we live near the woods, and a stinging nettle, mosquito, allergen, tick infested hike is just a few moments away! Here we are with most of the Dulagn family, one of the families from our church. The kids are a lot of fun and really like playing with Ollie and Elora.

Oliver really enjoys having big kids around to give him some extra attention since Elora mostly insists Ollie play with her on her terms. Notice Elora hanging out in the stroller...

1...2...3! Anytime two people are holding Ollie's hands, he starts counting in preparation for blast off.

And on to the dessert. Yum! Erdbeeren Topfenknödel. It's basically a cream cheese/ricota type of cheese (actually it's Topfen the same stuff Lindsey Vonn used on her shin before winning a gold metal) used to make a dumpling with a strawberry inside. Then some breadcrumbs are toasted with butter and sugar, and topped off with some powdered sugar and whipped cream.

Elora is always more excited to eat the cream.

Super good!

BTW, how's that for a post title! We're hoping to claim the top spot on google for the thousands of people who search daily using the highly specific query "Wiener Wanderung und Erdbeeren Topfenknödel"

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