04 May 2010

Vienna, Kite flying, Frogs & Memories from Zion

We bought a kite and have been waiting for the perfect day to go fly it. This day was a little breezy so we thought we'd give it a go! Oliver was excited from the outset. Before we even opened the kite he was already shouting, "Kiiiiiy!"

Elora was happy to run around looking for dandilions. Meanwhile Daddy was running around trying to keep the kite in the air. The wind was too sporadic, and just as the kite would get in the air, the wind would die. The kite flying experience equaled Daddy running all over the park, while the kids got bored and started picking flowers.

Elora found a ladybug. Oliver was really excited about it too.

Mommy found a froggy. Oliver thought it was pretty cool. We tried to put it in his hands, but he wouldn't let us put it anywhere but on his pants.

Elora is practically an expert when it comes to frogs, because she had experience with them in her prior hillbilly life.

As soon as Ollie saw Elora holding the frog in her hand, he realized that he could hold it too. So he stuck out his hand and smiled. It was fun to hold a baby froggy! If you look closely at Oliver, he also has the kite strapped to his shoulders. He was very proud to march around the park with a kite on his back.

Elora took the frog back and was wondering if it was really a prince. Meanwhile, Oliver was happy to be rid of the slimey creature and started wiping off his hands on his pants.

We convinced Elora not to kiss it (she would have!) and instead she showed it her beautiful dandilion. The world's largest... look how huge that stem is! We also like this photo because for some reason, whenever Elora would grab the frog, she'd grab it by its eyes... We always stopped her just in time, because we remembered this is what she strangely like to do back when we found frogs in Utah. (see below)

Here's Elora 2 years ago. Oliver was a newborn. And Elora loved catching frogs. If you look closely she also loved grabbing them by their eyes.... everytime we see or think of this we start laughing uncontrollably for some reason.

She has always loved frogs. In this photo, she's the same age as Ollie is now. They both have different attitudes about the slimey creatures.

And you can see, she's never been too gentle with them. Poor froggy... (he happily hopped away when she was done with him)

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