24 May 2010


I don't usually use my blog to share my personal thoughts on life and its experiences. Usually I am a rather private person and don't enjoy having my words as a spotlight, I would prefer for people to see my beautiful children and the fun that we have together.

But recently a woman I went to church with passed away, and I attended a memorial service for her yesterday. I have had a lot to ponder about since she died. Her name is Cathy, and most of you don't know her, but she is genuinely the most beautiful person I have ever met. She was 41 years old and died of cancer, which I did not realize she has been struggling with since long before I knew her.

I just feel the need to say something about this wonderful person. I did not know her well, I actually only saw her at church. But everytime I saw her she glowed with a radiant happiness, and welcomed me like a close friend. She truly loved people in a uninhibited way. No judgements, no shyness, just honest warmth and love. She was so optimistic about life, which seems even more amazing now that I know how long she struggled with her health.

About a month ago when she was in the hospital and violently ill she sent out an email to her friends. I was privileged enough to receive it, and I just wanted to share a little of what she wrote. Because she had a faith in God that is so incredible, and there is no way I can express my feelings better than to share what she wrote.

"Did Jesus really live again after He had died? Oh Yes, and so shall I! " , I kept singing this over the weekend and each time, my heart is overwhelmed with a holy witness of this truth. I will live again. I am not my body, I will go on after this life, and I will be reunited with my perfect body again in the future. It will be a day of unspeakable joy and gladness!! It will be true for everyone!! It is because Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior made it possible. My heart swells with joy when I ponder this. :) My message is not of sadness and despair. It is of HOPE and FAITH and more importantly, of LOVE. My heart wants to testify to you of the goodness of God and how He has blessed my life."

To know what she was experiencing and to read her testimony touches me in a way I cannot express. Except to say that I also know there is a God, and in times of sadness and hardship I have felt the peace and love that only God can provide. I will miss Cathy and all the sunshine she brought into the lives of everyone who knew her. But mostly I am greatful to have known her. I am inspired to be a better person because I knew her. And I hope that I can be even a little more brave, faithful, and loving because of her example. God bless you Cathy, until we meet again.

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