16 May 2010

Teach your children well... how to eat on 1.77 per day

I saw an article about feeding a family on $66 per week, which is the smallest allotment for food stamps for a family of 4. A food editor, restaurant owner, and food network TV star all had a hard time staying in the budget--I felt like I could do it without eating Corn Flakes and Potato Casserole every day.

Shopping for and preparing inexpensive meals is an important skill that is becomming more rare in a time when we depend on prepacked food and eating out.

Here's a 10 minute video chronicling our weekly shopping ritual that shows how a family of 4 can eat in one of the more expensive cities in Europe for just 1.77 per adult per day. It's also culturally interesting to see how we shop in Europe!

ps - if I sound lame, I'm sorry we did it in one take!


  1. This is an awesome video. . . .
    I thought of two things while watching this video.
    Number one, how much better off the missionaries in Vienna would be if they had your shopping expertise
    , you would be amazed at what some of the missionaries I knew ate. . . . spaghetti every day, or pizza. I made a vow after my couple of months never to be like that, I think I was largely able too.
    The second thing, I wonder what kind of Ninja attacks you guys face on the way to Hofer?

  2. Awesome. I think you should do a RS class! I have friends who never go to Hofer here and then complain that they spend 300 euro on just food every week in Vienna. Imagine the shoes you could buy for that...


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