27 May 2010

More Momo!

Oliver hates being covered in the "plastic bubble" as we affectionatly call the stroller rain cover. He always pulls it off, so we had to strap it to the stroller to keep him inside. But we found a way out through the air vents. I guess he likes to feel the rain on his face! Elora however likes to continuously tell Oliver to get back inside!

We went to Om and Saritas house to make momo again! They had some friends come over who make "the best momo". We actually got to observe the entire process and know all the ingredients now! Here is the meat filling. Ground pork and beef, onions, green onions, and a whole lot of spices!

I got to try out a new way of folding the momo. This way is supposed to taste better, but is harder to do well. Om (the momo pro) says he can't do it this way, but I thought I would give it a go.

Some of the finished momos in the background look a little better than others, as mine were not so pretty. But by the end of rolling out 50+ momos, I was getting pretty good. We had the Elders over with us too, and had them try to help. Elder Boyer had a rough time, but kept trying, and Chris tried to make one and gave up! He gets to separate the dough into small pieces... A very important job too.

Sarita rolling out the dough while everyone else attempts to fold the filled momos.

Om occupied the kids with his Iphone - it has fun games and spongebob on it, so that kept the kids amused for a good solid hour. The kids love Om, and whenever we talk about Om at home, Oliver perks up and yells, "momo!" Which is especially funny because Oliver doesn't even eat momo, he just knows that the rest of us like it!

Chris horking down the finished momo! It was super yummy, especially on a cold rainy night. We are trying to enjoy it while the weather is cold, because Om and Sarita insist you just can't eat momo when it is hot outside. It is for keeping you warm inside on a cold day!

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