31 May 2010

Circus in Vienna

We got some "free" tickets to the Circus the other day. Two free adult tickets for a Tuesday afternoon. We thought it must be a promotional thing to generate interest for the Circus, because not that many people could take an afternoon off work on a random Tuesday to go to the Circus. So we figured we were lucky and went.

Unfortunately, those trixy Circus-folk fooled us. The tickets got adults in free, but we paid 15 euros a piece for the kids! Never trust a carny...

After all that we couldn't go home, so we bought the tickets and the kids were sooooo excited.

The best part was, Elora kept leaning over and asking me, "Are you taking a picture of this? Take a picture of this."

This guy was pretty good. He got hurt really bad though at one point when he was having objects tossed to him to stack on top of this pole to balance on. We felt pretty bad... the circus took an improptu break for about 15 minutes...

Then out came the camels. This ringmaster was awesome. He was just standing in the middle smiling and barking out commands to the animals as they ran around in circles or turned around, etc.

Elora really liked the singing trappeze artist act.

The kids were so excited during the show. There was a live band on a balcony above the center of the ring. Oliver watched the band for the first half of the circus I think. Then he got really excited by all the animals running around. No lions or elephants though.

It was a pretty small circus, so we were close to the center.

Elora was definitely very sweet. She was just so excited to see everything and demanded that we take pictures the entire time. Now whenever she sees circus banners up around town, she gets all excited. 30 euros wasn't really bad to pay for a family trip to the circus, but when your expectation is "free tickets" it's a real kick in the pants!

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