15 May 2010

The Berry Park

We have been having nice spring weather the last couple weeks (until yesterday when the rain came back...) so we have been spending a lot of time at the different parks near our house. When Chris is working I usually tell Elora we need to head to one of the smaller, closer parks so that I will have an easier time keeping track of the kids. The favorite little park is one Elora has named "The Berry Park" because in the fall there are berries all over the trees.

Oliver loves the little slide at this park because he can go up and down all by himself. (I love it too for that same reason!) On this day he was happily playing on the slide, but wouldn't come down unless I held his hand. Elora ran over and said, "I'll catch you Oliver!"

And to my surprise he slid right down to his waiting big sister!

He thought it was such a great game that he kept going up and down the slide into Elora's waiting arms. So cute. She was so excited to help him slide.

Oliver decided that he could catch Elora too! I'm not sure he really caught her, but he gave her a hug after she stood up.

Then they went down the slide together. We had such a fun time today with the kids playing so nicely together.

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