16 June 2010

The Backyard

Okay, I don't actually have my own backyard, but our apartment building has a nice grassy area outside with some really good trees, lots of daisies to pick, and a good bench for me to sit on. Elora and Oliver love to go play in "the backyard". This is what Elora calls it, I am not even sure where she learned the term "backyard"...

We have been playing there a lot, since I don't always feel like walking to a proper playground, but the kids have fun while they look for schnecke (snails), slugs, ants, bumble bees, play hopscotch, draw with their chalk, play with bubbles, and throw the soccer ball (I am trying to get them to kick it, but it doesn't seem to be working... darn Americans...) This is yet another reminder to me that kids don't need toys, they just need the outdoors and a stick and they are perfectly content.

Elora is telling mommy to "Be still!" If you haven't read Where the Wild Things are, then you are missing why that is so cute. The kids like to tell us "Be Still!" when we growl at them. It is less cute when they do it if we are just talking to them.

And my favorite, is that Oliver loves to come pat my belly, lay on my belly, or point at the belly and talk about the baby. So sweet! I think he will probably be less excited about the baby when it is not in my belly, but I am enjoying his sweet excitement right now.

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