07 April 2010

Prague with Amy & Amanda - Day 1

Since Prague is one of our favorite, nearby cities, we took Amy and Amanda there before Easter. The Easter Markets in Prague are much cheaper than in Vienna. And Czech people are more fun to haggle over prices with.

Here we are in Old Town Square with the Church of our Lady Tyn in the background. Prague has more of a medieval feel to it, while Vienna is more imperial and baroque.

You can see in the background, there are mobs of tourists (like us!). Only the few days we were there it seemed like dozens of Italian school groups. Everywhere you'd go there would be a pack of 50 Italian kids in your way!

Amy, Amanda, and Elora were excited to climb up to the top of the clock tower. Amy said it was her favorite thing she did in all of Prague. It was a nice view of the city and markets below in old town square.

Elora really liked it too. She kept pointing up to the tower afterwards and explaining how she could see everyone from up there.

Here's Saint Nicholas Church in the old town square. There's too many Saints, but good thing google keeps track of them. We can never remember what all the churches are called!

Back down the winding staircase!

The markets of prague are a lot of fun. Most of it is touristy junk that is all bought from the same wholesaler and resold to the public. Here's Chris looking at some "water color paintings" that are actually just inkjet prints on textured paper. This seems to be popular in Prague. But they are really pretty.

There was a little petting zoo in the middle of the square with baby goats, a donkey, bunnies and sheep. Ollie and Elora really liked it. Oliver kept calling the donkey a cow.

Yum!!! Our favorite eastern European pastry. Kurtos Kalacs, or in Czech it's Tredelnik! You haven't lived until you've tried one of these. We're trying to figure out how to make them. But it takes a campfire with coals, and a rotisserie; two things we can't use inside our apartment building. Especially not since we had to pay like a $4000 deposit!

Our first day in Prague was just walking around and taking everything in. You can see the old Astronomical Clock from the middle ages in the background. You can read more about the store on this page. Scroll down!

Elora loves street musicians and begs to give them all money. It's nice to have the streets filled with music so we don't mind encouraging it! Here she is timidly posing next to these two violinists playing a duet by Mozart.

A river runs through the center of Prague, and we crossed over the St. Charles Bridge just as the sun set. We put a lot of miles on our shoes this day!

Back at the old town square, we got some dinner. Amy settled for a hot dog, while Amanda, Chris and Karen got a little more exotic--meat shishkebaps and smoked ham over an open flame. It was awesome.

We then found this cheese stand selling a box of various cheeses. We were all intrigued by the green cheese, which was actually a pesto cheese. Yum!

Amy and Amanda were really excited to see the huge cheese wheels. Spicy cheese, sharp cheese, skeezy cheese and more!

One the way back to the apartment we stopped for more ham. It was so good Chris hammed it up with the ham-man. After the picture they embraced and cried together because the ham was so good.

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  1. Funny! We just got back from Prague yesterday, and we were amazed at all the Italian tourists. And yes, the Tredelnik is awesome...my 15 month old actually split his forehead open on a bench trying to get to mine!! Sad, I know. :o)


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