15 April 2010

Last Day in Prague

On our way to the train station our last day in Prague, this big white van stopped in the middle of the street and five guys with really big guns jumped out to guard the van while it entered this building. We stopped and starred dumbly as the whole thing progressed - it looked the SWAT team or something. Crazy. This is the best pic I got. For some reason the big guys scared me stupid for a little while before I thought to take a picture.

There is a really nice park by the train station that we played at with the kids while Chris went to check out train times and tickets to Kutna Hora - the town where the bone church is. Amy and Amanda saw our pics of a previous visit and said they would really like to see the church. Elora had a great time walking across all the rope bridges.

All the kids enjoyed the zip line. Oliver especially would cheer whenever he got to ride on it.

Chris loves this old run down building. I think there is a pic of me in front of it the last time we were in Kutna Hora. Amy and Amanda thought he was kidding when he told them to pose in front of it.

Here we are in the bone church. It is decorated with the bones of 40,000 -70,000 skeletons. It is actually called the Sedlec Ossuary. Apparently in the 1200s an abbot of the monestary in the city brought back some soil from Golgotha and sprinkled it over the cemetary. This made the cemetary a popular place to be buried. Then during the plague many thousands were buried here. The church was built in the 1400s.

The skeletons were exhumed and artistically stacked in the church in the 1500s by a half blind monk. The bones were rearranged in the manner they are seen today in the late 1800s.

After looking around in the church, we walked around the cemetary.

And then back to the train station. Here is Elora playing with a plastic trumpet she got at the Easter market. A man who worked at a candy stall gave it to her as a gift because it was slightly broken and he couldn't sell it. He said it was "a gift for a little princess". Elora was thrilled, because of course she knows that she is a princess! We had a great time in Prague, now it is back to Vienna to sightsee there!

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