30 October 2010

Elora Speaks German

Here is a collection of interesting conversations we have had with Elora, some of which are amusing mix-ups about German.

German Vocabulary:
Die Blumen
Die Katze
Die Doggen

We go to the bakery sometimes for a treat. Elora loves these donuts that are filled with custard cream and is sooooo excited whenever she gets one. Oliver on the other hand, is happy when he gets ANY pastry. He sees a bakery sign or shop and yells, "Bread! Want Bread!"

(While checking for ticks)
Elora: Can you check my nose? Are there any bugs in there?
Mom: No bugs there.
Elora: No bugs got on me because I was running. Since I was running they didn't think I was a person, the bugs thought I was a giraffe.

I got down Mr. Potato Head the other day and the kids spent 45 minutes putting him together, taking him apart, putting him back together. It was nice because Elora would ask Oliver for his opinion, and half the time she would then say, "No, how about this one?" and Oliver would go along with her... it was nice to see them playing together with no fights!

Elora: What are you going to be Ollie, when you grow up?
Oliver: A spider!
Elora: No you can't be a spider.
Oliver: A bus!
Elora: You want to be a bus driver?
Oliver: Ya!

Elora (after seeing a billboard with cartoon pigs on it): Pigs! I love pigs! I love pigs because they make bacon!

We got a package with some interesting packing material. Elora thinks it is armor and likes to cover herself with it before she goes to battle.

Things you never thought you would say: "Elora! We don't run through the house with a biscuit and an ax!"

Elora (after seeing all the cotton fluff coming off the trees this spring): Where did the fluffs come from?
Mommy: From the cottonwood trees.
Elora: But where did they get lambs?

A friend loaned us the classic Mickey Mouse collection with all the old black and white Mickey cartoons. The kids LOVE it and ask to watch Mickey all the time now...

Oliver: My bum!
Elora: Don't talk about your bum, that is rude!
Oliver: Talk bum!
Elora: I don't like that!
Oliver: I like bum!

Oliver is getting more rambunctious around bedtime and takes awhile to fall asleep. This is how I found him last week... That cannot be comfortable.

Elora: Do butterflies really speak French? (If this sounds like a weird question, you need to read the Fancy Nancy books)
Mommy: I don't know, I have never heard one speak.
Elora: But if they did speak, they would speak like, French or Spanzosisch or something.

And my personal favorite Elora quote:

Elora saw "Ü" in one of her coloring books and laughed, saying "Hee hee, that U has eyes!"

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