22 April 2010

Easter Fun with Amy and Amanda

The day before Easter our church had an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids. Elora was so excited to go look for candy. She is wearing her new favorite outfit from Aunt Sharon. It was the first day warm enough that we would let her wear it. I think she wore and slept in her skirt for about a week after that until I convinced her I really did need to wash it!

Oliver found a chocolate lollypop right away and then really had no interest in finding anymore candy until he was finished eating it. We tried to convince him to get eggs.

By the time we convinced him how cool it was to find eggs most of them were already found, so we just took some out of his and Elora's baskets and threw them on the ground for him. Then he would yell "Egg!" and run pick them up. Maybe next year he will have the hang of it!

Afterwards we went to the Schonbrunn Easter Market with some friends - Carmen is off to the left, her husband Elliot was there, and also our friends Becky and Louis who actually lived by my sister Lisa in CA before coming here, so they had fun chatting with Amy and Amanda about goings on back home in Monterey.

I think Oliver is so excited because he is holding Dirty Teddy, that is a pretty rare occurance for him...

The kids liked crawling around on the grass more than looking around at the market, so we didn't buy anything, but it was a beautiful day to relax on the grass! There was also a little egg hunt at the market, where the kids could find paper eggs and turn them in for a bag of treats. The kids were all excited have more candy (in fact, Amy and Amanda may have been most excited about the treats).

Next we walked out to the Gloriette and enjoyed the views. Unfortunately my camera died shortly after this, so we don't have many pics of this day.

Here we are in the gardens of the Schonbrunn.

Amy and I had visited the Labyrinth the day before, but Amanda hadn't come with us (she was enjoying a good book, so we left her home with the kids!) But we felt bad Amanda hadn't seen it, so we all headed back to the labyrinth. I followed Oliver and he took me almost straight to the middle. He has pretty good instincts I guess. Although on the way back out with dad and the girls Oliver led them down every single dead end....

I think Amy remembered the labyrinth pretty well, so she solved it pretty fast. When we came the first time they gave us a secret map to read in case you get so lost you can't find your way. I think that is funny, because it isn't that big... Even making every single wrong turn I think you can still get to the middle in about twenty minutes (we know, the first time we came last year, we did make every single wrong turn!)

After solving the labyrinth, we went to the kids labyrinth which has little play areas. It was a super fun day. My camera died now, so I don't have any more pics of our trip with Amy and Amanda! We took them back up to Frankfurt two days later and had to say goodbye! We were so happy to have them visit so we could show them around this city that we love so much, and it was fun for the kids to play with their cousins. Oliver still gets super excited and yells "A-Duh!" and "A-Dee-Dee!" when he sees pics of their visit.

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