02 March 2010

Ollie the Painter

Elora ALWAYS wants to paint, so we got out the paint a few days ago and let Oliver and Elora have some fun painting - and amazingly enough they both managed the paint mostly on their pictures, with only a little on the furniture.

Oliver liked it until he realized his hands were dirty... Here is is asking us to wash his hands.

He finally figured out that painting is still fun even when you are dirty! This is the first time Ollie ever painted for more than 2 minutes. He didn't even try to eat the paint.

Elora is getting really good at painting. She actually attempts to paint the picture instead of randomly spreading paint everywhere. She is quite proud of her work and uses it to decorate the walls in her bedroom. Here she is watching Oliver paint. She likes to observe what her brother is doing so she can correct his mistakes or ask me to explain why he does things that don't make sense.

We finally let him dip his paintbrushes in the paint jars, which he thought was great. He cried every time we took away the paint jars. I think he may have liked this part better than the actual painting.

There he goes with the fingerpainting! Who needs a paintbrush anyway?

He was so excited about his painting - I guess he got over that fear of dirty hands... Then it was off to the bathtub - "don't touch anything! No, not the walls, ah! Don't touch the doors... Why are there purple fingerprints in the shower?" Gotta love it! Wouldn't it be nice to have a backyard where they can paint? Then I could just hose them down when they finish...

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