30 April 2010

Kaiserschmarren, or how I learned to love the emperor

Kaiserschmarren is translatted as Emperors Pancakes. Sometimes translated as chopped pancakes or an omlette. It's definitely not an omlette, but it has more eggs than pancakes. It's definitely one of our favorite things. People eat it in Austra for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert.

It takes a lot of work to make. Whipping egg whites by hand takes for ever, but we don't have a mixer! The whipped eggs are the rising ingredient, and it poofs up quite a bit when you cook it. Then you chop it all up, douse it in melted butter and powdered sugar and serve with some kind of fuit mixture (apple sauce, or strawberry or plum compote)

Is it good? Heck yes!

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