05 March 2010

Ice Skating at the Rathaus

The ice skating ends this weekend and we hadn't taken the kids yet! This week we had some beautiful sunny and (comparatively) warm days, so we decided to head to the ice skating rink and let the kids try it out. We only went once last year, and Ollie was too little to try it, so we were excited to see how it would go.

Oliver was so excited to try ice skating. We watched some of the figure skating in the Olympics and both the kids loved it. Oliver was fascinated by all the people on the ice.  We strapped on his little skates and he was ready to walk out on the ice. Chris and I broke the rules and kept our shoes on since we are both hopeless when it comes to ice skating...

Elora was excited to go, but once she got the skates on she wasn't so sure... but then she got one of the penguins and we pushed her around for a little while. She said, "It was a little scary at first!" but once she got the hang of it she seemed to have a good time.

We got Oliver a penguin too, and he was skating all over the place! He got the hang of it really fast. Elora fell a couple times, but Ollie never did. And once he was comfortable on the skates, I tried to help push his penguin and he told me to "ge off!" (get off). Nice. Everytime we tried to steer him toward the exit he would say "no!" and turn around and skate away.

I love this outdoor skating rink, it is such a fun place to take the kids. The little kids area is free, and so are the skates that strap onto the kids shoes (since they are really meant for toddlers). It was a fun free morning activity! Elora liked having someone skate with her, so I took over walking around with Elora while Ollie kept skating on his own!

Like any good parent, we bribed Oliver with treats to get him off the ice without a temper tantrum (he really did NOT want to leave, he loved skating). We headed over to the Kaiserschmarrn stand for my favorite outdoor treat! The kids have finally developed a better sense of taste and like Kaiserschmarrn now - which is only sad because there is less for me!

Chris with the kids in front of the Rathaus Eistraum (Ice Dream) ice skating rink. This is such an awesome idea that the city does every year. I am so glad we got to take the kids this year - and so glad we get to live here! Vienna is the most awesome city ever. Seriously.

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