07 March 2010

He says, she says (Elora and Ollie Edition)

And now for some randome kid pictures that I have always liked but never really had a reason to blog about, accompanied by some kid quotes (the quotes don't necessarily go with the pictures...):

Gotta love markers, kids, and Dad supervising the children. (This pic excludes what the furniture looks like, luckily we found out these are washable markers...)

Me: What are you painting a picture of Elora?
Elora: A monster ball! It's so big!
Me: Oh! Are you going to paint a big monster to play with the monster ball?
Elora: No! Look, there is a little monster cat! It comes from California and it says, RRRAAARRR!

Elora: See my big sandwich? It's BIIIIIIIIIGGG!
Ollie: Yeeeeaaaaaaaaaaa
Elora: You can't have a big sandwich until you're bigger!
Elora: Ollie, will you marry me?
Ollie: Oooookkay (sounding just like those peasants from Warcraft)
Dad: You can't marry Oliver, don't you want to marry a prince?
Elora: Ya
Ollie: No
Elora: Oliver's a prince
Ollie: Yeeeaa
Dad: Oliver do you want to marry a princess?
Ollie: Yeeeaaa
Elora: No

Oliver loves reading now, almost as much as his sister does... Even when the books are upside down.

He also loves the computer, especially when we play youtube videos of songs he likes.

Another example of the interesting conversations we have in our house:

Daddy: Am I a hot dog?
Elora: No! You have arms!
Dad: Am I a crazy monkey?
Elora: No!
Dad: Is Ollie a crazy monkey?
Ollie: No!
Dad: Is Ollie a Yoda?
Ollie: Mmm hmmm! (pointing to his Yoda t-shirt with a big smile!)

Oliver is singing the Hello song from Music Together in this pic. He loves to sing and dance. Elora was very tired and not participating...

Elora: Did I take a J-S-O-P?
Mom: Do you mean N-A-P?
Elora: Oh, yeah.
(apparently we need to work on spelling a little more... She knows what we are talking about when we say N-A-P she just can't remember how to spell it herself.)

Elora: Where does crackeroni come from?
Mom: Do you mean cracker jacks? (Laughs).
Elora: Don't laugh. Crackeroni is noodles and its french for noodles.

Elora (in Kitzbuhel skiing): Where are we going to get chicken nuggets? Here in cold land they don't have mcdonalds because if the people skiied and crashed into the building, the walls would fall down and the bears would come and eat all the food.

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