16 March 2010


With all this ugly winter weather and the kids taking turns having colds, we have been finding fun indoor activities to keep us busy. Of course the crossbow is always a favorite, so here are some pics from our crossbow fun.

Building towers to knock over...

If you look at the towers you can see them falling over in this pic. It's hard to tell who is more excited, Chris or Oliver.

Elora was getting really excited whenever we knocked down any towers.

Oliver got these nice wood blocks for his birthday, so we built some towers with them because they fell over in a more spectacular manner when they got hit.

The kids were both so excited that they decided to work together with the crossbow! We have about 100 pics, it was hard to choose just a couple, because the kids faces were so cute when they would hit the target. Hopefully the weather will get warm before they get bored of this game!

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