27 March 2010

Coloring Easter Eggs with the kids

We asked Elora if she wanted to dye some Easter Eggs and she said, "But I don't want the eggs to die!" So we changed it to Easter Egg coloring. We don't have any glass bowls and we were afraid the dye would stain our plastic bowls, so we had to use jars. It made the whole event a little messier, but still good fun.

Here are the kids cheering - they clapped each time they successfully dropped an egg in the jar.

I wasn't sure how much Oliver would get into this, but he thought it was really neat - lots of smiles from Ollie! Once the eggs were finished we had to keep them away from him or he would pick them all up and throw them back in the jars.

Amanda got very fancy with her eggs, and even tried painting some pictures on them with her fingers.

There it goes! Back in they dye. The kids had so much fun that once the hard boiled eggs were dyed, we decided to go ahead and do some raw eggs too. This ended Oliver's Easter Egg fun, since he kept dropping them from up high into the jars - ewww... cracked eggs in the dye... He was very sad to be finished, but we made it up to him by putting him in the bath (his favorite activity!)

Here we are with all our finished eggs! They turned out pretty well I think. Chris gets confused every time he opens the fridge looking for eggs though - which ones are raw?

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