11 February 2010

Elora's skiing progress in Kitzbühel

We've been having a lot of fun skiing in Kitzbühel, we completed the "ski safari" the other day, when the runs were less crowded thanks to some gloomy weather. Here we are "sandwiched" in between a layer of clouds. It was fun to ski through the hazy misty where all was white. I like to call it, 'the white room'.

Today was a powder day. About 10cm of fresh powder. Elora was the only one in her ski school, and it was supposed to be "race day". But she didn't have anyone to race, and to top it off her instructors called us just before noon and said she was complaining and asking for her Mom and Dad. So we finished our day early to pick her up. We suspect her instructors were more than happy to be free of students with all the fresh snow on the ground...

After we picked Elora up, we asked her if she wanted to ski with us for awhile and she excitedly said "Yes!" So, once again, after a week of ski school, with little progress, we took it on ourselves to teach her something. Really, what do we pay these instructors for? They are all very nice and love Elora, but they don't seem to do a good job actually teaching her. It's more like baby sitting on skis. But obviously it helps Elora a little bit and she likes it.

So we took Elora up on the tow bar (which the instructors hadn't dared) and got to work.

First, a bit of fun. Elora loves watching the ski films where the extreme skiers zig zag through the trees. So we saw some trees and headed for them. That was probably her favorite part.

Next we took Elora down the run and had her practice her snow-plow "pizza" skiing, while Daddy skied backwards. After a few runs, Elora got a really good feel for her legs and could start turning in whatever direction she needed to. She still obviously couldn't go down the hill on her own, but she made huge progress!

We took a short break to have Kaiserschmarren with apple sauce (a thick pancake like dessert), which cheered Elora up for even more skiing. She was happy to finish out the day and is looking forward to an entire day tomorrow with Mommy, Daddy, and Oliver at the top of the Kitzbüheler Horn summit.

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