05 February 2010

Chris' Birthday!

Chris celebrated his birthday a couple weeks ago. We didn't have a big party, just some cake and whipped cream, but I thought it would be fun to travel down memory lane and check out a few other birthdays Chris has celebrated before lookings at pics from this year. This is probably more fun for me than anyone, but please indulge me in my fun:

This is Chris' 22nd birthday way back when we were in college in Provo. This was the only surprise party I ever attempted to throw him and it remained a surprise until he came home early, so Kristen and Jared had to hide in the basement while I told Chris to go to the store for ice cream (after he questioned me about why the house smelled like cake...) Fun stuff - in the pics for those who are curious: Top left, Chris and Renee Peterson. If you are a fan of the band Sunfall Festival, Chris is the drummer. Middle left, my roommate from college Kristen and her newlywed husband Jared (whom Chris had previously told that the song "Man Eater" reminded him of Kristen. Nice.) Bottom left: Chelsea and Mike Barlow who I knew in high school and we hung out with in college. Big picture: Me with short hair and Chris with dyed hair.... I miss that hair....

Here is Chris on his 24th birthday, probably the only time I bought him something he was super excited about and he was completely surprised - an ice cream maker.

Birthday 26 - First birthday with Elora in the house! She liked the fire.

Birthday 27 - Last birthday in Glendale, Utah... This was the week before Chris took off to Vienna to interview for his MBA program.

Skip to this year. If you missed last year's birthday, I blogged about it and didn't feel the need to recap... This year our mixer is broken because we plugged it in to the wrong side of the transformer and it blew up (not really, but it doesn't work) so we had to whip the whipping cream by hand. Here I am getting started...

15 minutes later after I gave up and Chris is getting really tired, we almost have whipped cream to go with the cake.

Elora is super excited to help blow out the candles, and Chris is happy that we didn't have enough candles to give him the correct number. This is his first year without the proper number of candles.

Success! I am so impressed the two of them managed to blow the candle out.

Ollie really enjoyed his treat. Elora had to be coaxed to eat something besides the whipped cream, and discovered that she actually likes cake. It was fun to celebrate Chris' birthday together! Sorry if you wanted to see Chris open presents, but this year his presents came in the form of two ski vacations and some new gear (which he bought for himself. At least we know he liked them). Plus he has me, and what more does he need?


  1. wanting anything more then you would be just plain greedy! Happy Birthday Chris!!!

  2. For one second me and Andrea thought that the first picture (22nd birthday) was from this year!! we thought you two had changed the hair style and put on some weight! Cool! BTW, happy birthday mate! Everton and Andrea


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