21 February 2010

Bubbles in the Kitchen - an oldie but a goodie

These pictures were taken a few weeks back, but we've been busy and hadn't put them up yet.

What do you do in the winter when the kids are sick of being inside, but it's too cold to go out? It's bubbles in the kitchen time!

Elora tries to eat and lick the bubbles while Ollie squeals and waves his arms around while jumping. It's very cute and also amazing that he doesn't fall over.

Who knew bubbles could be so dangerous? We're going to keep this photo safe to show Elora when she gets older. Look at that face. A bubble popped in her face, but what's funny is she didn't really notice when it happened. It was just a split second captured on the camera and she continued with the running and shrieking and laughing.

Then we let Oliver and Elora blow bubbles. Elora tried to let Ollie have a turn, but he just wanted to lick them.

So Mommy resumed control of the bubbles and the fun continued!

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