16 February 2010


My big sister Sharon emailed me a recipe for bagels (which I can't get here!!!!!) and I finally decided to try it out. I haven't had a bagel in over a year and a half, I can't believe it...

Elora was super excited to help roll out the dough.

She was so happy about making "bagel bread dough" that she started kissing the dough. Maybe this was just her way of getting a taste since I wouldn't let her eat any of the dough (too many raw eggs!)

All boiled and baked! These bagels were HUGE! And really tasty. Not quite like the ones bagel shops back home, but way better than having no bagels and a good first attempt. I am already coming up with ways to improve them the second time around. AND I am happy to announce that both my kid like bagels with cream cheese. I am so proud.


  1. I love this post. I love bagels. An I LOVE that last picture of you! So adorable!

  2. what?!? a year and half without a bagel, you poor thing!!I love all your fabulous cooking.

  3. share the recipe please...and tips for making them


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