11 January 2010

New Years Eve

New Years was awhile ago, but here it is anyway!

For New Years we went to our Nepali friend's house Om and Sarweeta (we just learned how to spell her name) for a Momo party. If you don't know what Momo is yet, you haven't been reading diligently -- like Potstickers only better. Here is Elora interfering with the garlic and ginger grating. You don't need eyes when you're working with sharp objects do you?

Here is Om and Elder Bailey, the pro ski jumper who left his spot on the US Olympic team to go and teach cool people like Om and Sarweeta. They're making the meat filling, Om still won't tell us all the ingredients!

Momo is very labor intensive, so it requires a party with lots of people to make it. The only problem is, lots of people mean you have to make lots of Momo. Maybe we could just send home the extras after they help prepare?

Here is Om showing off his favorite food. He's teaching all of us how to fold them, but he's still the Momo King.

Yumm! Doesn't that look amazing!

Dinner was served and we ate way too much. We actually did 2 rounds of Momo making, and everyone had at least 15 Momos or more.

Oliver didn't eat any. Neither him nor Elora will try it. But he had fun saying "Cheeeeese!" for the camera.

Off to the left you can see Elder Nichols. Sarweeta calls him Santa Clause because of his last name. He's making that face because he loaded his Momo up with some super spicy Indian chili peppers.

Here we are starting round two! Notice Elora and her new friend Spencer climbing on the furniture to get to the guitar.

So Om pulled out the guitar, which Elder Nichols gave him actually, and started playing a song for the kids.

Oliver loves to dig around in peoples cabinets and refrigerators and when he saw the plain yogurt he brought it out and said "waaan yogo!" He ate about half the tub of plain yogurt.

Oliver always looks happiest when he's getting a hug from Mommy.

And here is the New Years finale group photo. From left to right: Karen, Elora, Chris, Ollie, Elder Nichols, Sarweeta, Tami, Benjamin's head, Elder Bailey, Om, Jim. Elora's friend Spencer was asleep in the corner. We didn't stay up until midnight, since we had all the kids. Starting at about 8:30pm the fireworks started going off and continued all over Vienna until 2am.You can buy the super big fireworks here at New Years time. Everything smelled like gunpowder. 2010 arrived with a bang!

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