15 January 2010

Kühtai Ski School & Good Eats

The kids have gotten quite used to the morning routine. They wake up at 6am (ugg), make lots of noise until 7am while we ignore them. Get up and eat breakfast (fresh rolls delivered from the bakery, bread, ham, cheese, eggs, oatmeal). Get dressed in our snow gear and get picked up at 9:30. When we get out at the ski school/kindergarten, Oliver runs around in circles in the snow like you see above and gets all excited to go upstairs and play with the toys.

Meanwhile, Elora stands around eating and licking every piece of snow she can find. She picks up big handfuls or just gets on her knees and starts licking like a cat. No amount of telling her to stop can help. She completely ignores everyone when there's snow to be eaten.

At ski school the kids march around on the snow and carpet, and line up to take a ride on the "magic carpet" which is a little moving walkway that takes them up the hill. This picture is great because Elora is pointing at the moving walkway telling the instructor to sweep it up. She saw him cleaning the snow off the carpet once, and after that she insisted that he swept all the snow off every single time afterwards. She actually stood there for about 2 minutes, pointing and telling him he missed a spot and had to keep sweeping!

Here she is, supposed to be making a pizza with her skis, but instead, like Elora says, she's making a french fry (straight lines instead of  triangle). As she goes down the hill the instructor says "Pizza Pizza! Pizza Pizza!" over and over again to no avail. But at least she's not as hopeless as the girl in the background running down the hill with no skis on!

Most nights, mornings and afternoons we ate in our apartment. But a couple nights we went out to try some Tyrolian, Austrian Mountainman food. Here's Oliver singing the "Hello song" from his music class while we wait for dinner.

That hearty looking meal is called Groestl. It's fried potatoes, with pork roast sauteed in it and a fried egg on top. It was sooooooo awesome.

Karen got a fancy plate of various cheese and veggie raviolis.

Elora ate all of her schnitzel and french fries, and was very excited for dessert.

This has to be one of the best desserts ever. It's called Apfel Radl. Sliced apples, which have a deep fried crust made of breadcrumbs, cinnamon, and sugar. With vanilla sauce, ice cream, and whipped cream on top! Holy cow. Ya, we went back and got it again another day...

Oh, and we did some skiing too. Here's another view of the valley from the other side of the mountains. It's nice because you can ski on both sides of the town, and the two ski areas are linked by bridges that go under the road so you can ski from one side to the other.

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