30 January 2010

Indoor Garden

Sam-wise admiring his new seed planter kit. It's that time of year again to start our indoor garden.

This year the kids are older so they both enjoyed it more.

Ollie was happy to help put the little seed pellets into the tray.

After filling a few window pots with dirt, Ollie and Elora were thrilled to start putting seeds in the little holes. Elora is all business while Oliver hams it up for the camera.

Elora had a good grasp of what was going on. She knows the seeds will turn into plants, but Ollie was just happy to play in the dirt. But every time he noticed he was dirty he would shake his hands around and ask for them to be cleaned.

Elora was very excited to give the seeds water. She checks the pots every day to see if there are plants yet. We tried to explain it will take eight days, but I don't think she really knows what that means.

We planted some carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, and an herb garden. We will also be planting green beans. Lots and lots of green beans. The ceiling will hang with vines, and the walls will become the world all around... too bad there are no oceans in Vienna.

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