27 January 2010

Fun Memories with Google

So apparently Google Street View recorded our home town (previous) of Glendale, Utah just after we left. It's great for a trip down sunny Southern Utah memory lane when we want to forget the cold here in Vienna. Ya, sure it got cold and snowed there too, but you just don't see sights like this in Vienna:


Ahh... the infamous car lot with the awesome "Quit stealing from me" sign. I wonder if they even know it's famous. Names not mentioned for privacy reasons I guess. But it's pretty sweet and now the rest of the world can appreciate this awesome sign.


  1. that is HILLLLLLarIousssssssssssss!!!!!!!
    maybe that person should get a junk yard dog to gaurd his, well, Junk yard!!

  2. Welcome to Glendale, so much for small town hospitality! It's always good to get some great memories from home...


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