03 January 2010

Christmas Celebrations!

Christmas morning!

We put Elora's stocking in her room, but she didn't even notice... she just came to wake us up, and then I decided since we were all awake anyhow, we could open the stockings up in the living room as a family.

Oliver got as far as the kinder egg in the top of the stocking and refused to open any presents until he was finished with his chocolate. Mommy wisely hid the rest of the candy in the bottom of the stocking.

Grandma and Grandpa gave the best gift this year - Oliver's very own working cell phone! He loves to talk on his phone and irritate us by playing the ring tones over and over again.

Elora playing with the shark from her new set of Nemo fish. She constantly asks to take baths so her fish can go swimming.

Elora decided that she was responsible for handing out the gifts. As a result we barely had time to notice what we had opened before Elora was shoving more presents in our lap. On the bright side, it didn't take long to get all the gifts open, and then we could just enjoy playing with all our new toys.

Chris loved his huge bag of chocolate chips (along with vanilla and brown sugar)! Chocolate chip cookies, here we come!

Oliver wasn't so sure about the present opening process at first. After he opened a couple gifts he figured out how cool it is to rip the paper off and discover what goodies are inside the packages.

Elora modeling her new apron and chef's hat. We caught her wearing them during naptime and admiring herself in the mirror.

Elora got a new book with little magnetic pieces that she can use to interact with the story. It's in German to help us all learn some new words!

Oliver got a little train set from Aunt Sharon and Uncle Jack, which he loves. He sat "choo choo"ing all morning, and now carries his trains around the house with him.

Oliver with the candy from the bottom of his stocking. It is a cute little hippo shaped wafer with chocolate cream inside. A balanced breakfast for a growing boy.

Elora loves her new notebooks, crayons, and pencils. She spends a lot of time coloring with all her new supplies.

I made cinnamon rolls for breakfast which were soooo good. Dripping with gooey frosting of course.

After opening our presents, we decided to take the kids to see "The Princess and the Frog" movie at the local English theater. The kids LOVED the popcorn just as much as the movie. Fortunately the movie was only 75 minutes long, because Oliver was finished sitting at about the 60 minute mark (I think that is when we ran out of popcorn...)

For dinner we went to our friends Sarita and Om's house for some Christmas goat... yum! Here is Om and Elder Nichols trying to figure out how to play the guitar.

Here is Elder Ollie Burgoyne hanging out with more chocolate.

I was amused that at least four people were taking pictures at the same time in this moment.

Sarita, Om, and Elora hamming it up for the camera.

Oliver loves the guitar, and when no one will play it he points at it and says "Gui" which I think means guitar. Maybe it means song. Who knows. Chris helped Ollie play for a little while and he was super excited. Ollie was excited too.

Om sang us a Nepalese song, and Oliver decided to come help him play.

Elora loves jumping on people's necks, causing chronic neck pain, but look how happy she is to be on her Daddy's head! It was great to hang out with our friends on Christmas. We are very lucky to have met so many awesome new people here in Vienna.

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