07 January 2010

After Christmas Fun

So what do you do in Vienna when you have a rental car for an extra day? Go shopping of course! To buy all the items that are bulky and heavy and that I hate carrying home from the store!

The funny part is, this really is less than one huge costco run in America probably, but for shopping in Vienna when you usually have to carry your groceries home, this is a lot of food. I am so excited to have my shelves stocked so that I don't have to buy any basic food staples for a few months at least!

The funny part is, I actually prefer shopping the Austrian way... I can't stand unloading a car full of groceries and then having to put it all away... but I love having full shelves so that when I want to make dinner I don't have to wonder if I have all the ingredients!

Oliver sporting his new t-shirt that Elora picked out for him, and the kids excitedly running around the house holding hands and a box of corn flakes. Life doesn't get much better than happy kids and a box of cereal...

They kept running back and forth down the hall, only stopping occasionally to dance in my room. So cute! And Elora was proudly holding up her hand to show me her bandaid. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa, those were actually one of the favorite gifts which will be well used. Elora has already had two owies that could only be made better by bandaids and now we have enough that I gladly obliged!

The kids and I are finally feeling better from our bout with the flu, and decided to make cookies with all the wonderful American ingredients we got for Christmas! Elora is very excited in this pic because she kept eating the brown sugar... And she loves her new cooking attire.

Oliver and Elora with their measuring spoons. They love to help cook!

And they love to eat the dough. Elora kept feeding it Oliver when I told her she had already eaten plenty ("but Oliver hasn't had enough yet!") I guess it is good enough for her as long as Someone is eating the dough...

My weird kids like to eat flour. It's not like they haven't tasted sugar! They had just been eating sugar! But when I added the flour to the bowl, Oliver kept dipping his spoon in, eating the flour, and saying, "mmmm good!"

Yum Yum, American Chocolate Chip Cookies!!!! It's been awhile since we made any, and during the course of cooking, Oliver learned a new word - "Coo-key!" (To go with his mastered expression, "want that!")


  1. I love the aprons! I totally take my grocery shopping for granted - man!

    The kids looks so much bigger! They are adorable.

  2. What kinda weirdo makes cookies with a wooden spoon? What are we stuck in the wood age?

  3. You are a wooden spoon ;) They are Elora and Oliver's cooking utensil of choice!


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