09 December 2009

Zermatt Skiing

Our first day in Zermatt! It was neat to wake up, look out the window and see the Matterhorn. The day was perfect blue skies and not too cold, a great day to start our trip.

We stopped by a pastry shop to grab some treats before we headed off to the slopes.

Ready to go! Chris bought helmets for us to use this year, probably a good plan since I am not a great skier.

Amy posing with the Matterhorn in the background.

Okay, so Chris bought these goggles, super nice to look through even though they look totally lame on... but they are also great for seeing awesome reflections while out on the slopes.

I haven't skied at all since last season, and am still a beginner, so I started out the day with some lessons to help me improve my skills.

The views were so awesome!!!!!

More good views. There are tons of pistes (runs) and you can ski from mountain top to mountain top, enjoying all the views of the Swiss Alps.

During my lessons, Chris and Amy went exploring to some of the other pistes on other mountains.

Chris hanging out after enjoying a tootsie roll treat.

My instructor was Tony, a really funny guy... although kind of a flirt which was a little weird, but he was super nice and really encouraging. By the end of my lesson I felt really good about my skiing (which has never happened before) and I was super excited to start the week!

Amy pointing out which piste we are on. That huge map is covered with pistes... so much area to explore, so little time...

Enjoying the view from a little cafe at the top of Sunegga Paradise (one of the main lift stations - you actually have to take a train to get to it).

Amy sipping her Swiss Ovalmaltine hot chocolate.

Amy cruising off piste with Chris...

Uh oh... Wipe out! This was the end of Amy's powder skiing adventures...

Okay, so we skied for hours, and Chris was amused by the sweat stain on my shirt when we finished. I was wearing a backpack okay!

There is a river running through the town, and we took the kids for a walk along the river when we got back. Elora was so excited to sit in and eat the snow.

Heidi and Elora enjoying our walk and the good views.

Chris made a little slide in the snow for the kids to slide down. They thought it was great. We got a little tired from carrying them up to the top of it though...

Elora on the slide. You would be surprised how fast they could go on our little make shift run.

Whew! The end of the day, resting up for tomorrow!!!!

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