27 December 2009

Sledding - the many faces of Ollie

With all the snow outside the other day, it was a great chance to take the kids to the park to go sledding! Oliver was very excited to put his little snow suit on and happily said "Cheese!" for this picture.

Elora liked eating the snow as much as riding on it. We keep trying to tell her the reason why her lips burn the day after we play in the snow is because she's always eating it. But nothing can keep her from eating it. Do you know what the street value of this mountain is? It's pure snow!

There wasn't enough snow to cover the weeds but the powder was very soft and fluffy, which made for fun sledding.

Whenever we got to the bottom, Ollie would shout, "Gen Gen!" Which means again, again.

After Daddy was tired of dragging them up the hill, it was Mom's turn; and she took a bit longer...and only went once before she said the kids can walk on their own.

Slow going up, but fast to go down. The sleds here are the nice old fashioned kind, which are great for all kinds of snow, and piling lots of people on. Once Elora had to walk up the hill, she only went one more time... But Ollie wanted to keep going all day.

Here are the many faces of Ollie, captured while riding on the sled. Which face is your favorite? Ours is Ollie-C4, because you can just hear him saying, "Ya ya yaaaaa!"

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