12 December 2009

Skiing to Italy!

Here we are in Sparky's, our favorite bar with free wifi and really good potato wedges. We spent a lot of time there checking our email and blogging.

And Amy needed to chat with her boyfriend!

Okay, so we sat in the bar debating how much money half a franc was. Is it half a penny or fifty cents? It is fifty cents, but the coin is smaller than ten cents. Sigh, why didn't they just write 50 cents on it?

On the lift up to the top!

As you can see, Chris is really excited. We decided to ski down to Italy today and get some pasta. Yum.

We had to take a series of lifts up the mountain. It was cloudy and cold!

At the top! If you can't see anything but white in the background, neither could we. The clouds were really thick and it was snowing, so we had no clue what anything looked like. When we started out we were in the clouds, but visibility got a little better as we went down.

We love the warning sign! Ah! I fell in a glacier crevasse! Don't worry, you can't fall into the glacier if you ski on piste, just the crazy people who ski off piste...

Since you start at the very top of the Klein Matterhorn when you want to go to Italy, the altitude is so high, that it makes you kid of dizzy at first. We took it slow, but it was the weirdest sensation, it felt like I was still skiing even after I had stopped moving. Here we are following the signs pointing the way to Italy!

Still very cold, but the runs were nice.

Whew, are we in Italy yet?

Finally! Here we are in the town of Cervinia. We figured out that the change in altitude between the top of the mountain and the town were about 2500 meters or something crazy like that. The town is really cute and lively. Italy is the party side of the mountain with lots of music in the lifts and all the people are really loud. Fun stuff.

We went to a little Italian cafe for lunch.

Amy horking down the bread!

Awesome pasta. So good.

For dessert we had a chocolate torte with hazelnut mousse. Also incredibly yummy.

So good, Chris had to lick the plate clean.

Big yawn on the way back up! Lots of skiing, lots of pasta, and we still have to go back down the other side of the mountain.

Here we are standing in two countries at the same time! So fun. This is a great place for skiing.

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  1. I am living vicariously through you and your many adventures! I'm really jealous, verging on the edge of a major sin..... LOL! Seriously you guys are so lucky to be able to have this experience. Merry Christmas! <3 the Fullertons


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