13 December 2009

More Zermatt! Skiing Under the Matterhorn

Up up we go in a packed gondola. Everyone was ready to enjoy the slopes after yesterdays stormy weather.

After our crazy stormy day, we headed up into the cloudy mountains to find that the sun was shining at the top! Awesome. It was, however, also the coldest day I have ever experienced in my life. I made fun of Chris for buying a ski mask, because he looks like a bank robber, but I will NEVER make fun of ski masks again. In fact, I am buying one as soon as I get home.

First run of the day, and I totally ate snow (as you can see by the snow all over my jacket and the side of my head, I did in fact, land face first in the snow... sigh).

But I dusted off the snow, and got ready to go again!

To give an idea of just how cold it was... When the wind blows all that snow just flies around you making your face burn!

Here we are getting closer to the Matterhorn! It looked beautiful to see the blue skies and snow blowing everywhere.

Enjoying the view, and cuddling closer together to warm up! I think about now I stopped feeling my toes. It was negative 13 Celsius, plus super cold wind...

Amy trying to knock Chris off the mountain!

Chris won this round I think!

Amy yields!

Then Chris and Amy made snow angels.

Brrrrrrr.... there is that wind again!!!!!

When you are up at the top lifts, it feels like another world to me. Desolate and lonely like the desert, but covered with snow. I love skiing when there are few other people out. Just the sounds of the wind and the skis scraping along the snow.

The three musketeers! We are so glad Amy came out! Can't wait to plan another adventure for next year!

We found a new trail that meanders its way down the side of the mountain, all the way back to town. It had super great views!

I took the afternoon off skiing to bring Heidi up to the top of the mountain to enjoy the views!

The bank robber giving me swiss francs to buy some hot chocolate.

Look! There is Zermatt, WAAAAYYY down there!

The masked man ready to ski towards the Matterhorn. Chris came up to the top with us so he could spend more time skiing. He was never ready to be done! All day, every day skiing.

More scenery. Just have to share, it was so gorgeous!

This is from the top of one of the other peaks. Wow. This one was completely white, no trees, just snow, ice, and glaciers!

On the way back down one of the lifts we wanted was closed, so we stopped at a little cafe for hot apple strudel with vanilla sauce and hot chocolate. Yum.

That night we went out for a fondue dinner, a Swiss specialty. This was Karen and Heidi's first time trying fondue for dinner. So Amazing. I could eat it every day.

There were two kinds of meat that could either be fried in hot oil, or cooked in a soup fondue.

And for dessert? Toblerone chocolate mousse with cherry sauce. It was AWESOME. And expensive.

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