30 December 2009

Making Spaetzle

Okay Family! I finally got the video with instructions on how to make spaetzle finished! Sorry it took so long, being sick kind of took away any desire I had to cook... The video tells you the recipe, but I will write it down here too:

1 cup flour
2 eggs
1 tsp. salt
dash pepper
1/4 cup milk

4 servings

Spaetzle is my favorite food I have learned to make, and there are so many ways to cook it! So I hope you will enjoy it too!

Here is the video, you should only need to watch it once, spaetzle is the easiest food in the world to make - if I ever say anything cheesy in the video it is because Chris was the director...

Summary of dishes you can make with the spaetzle:
Saute in butter
Saute in oil with bell peppers and onions (or other veggies)
Serve with roast and gravy
Cook it in place of noodles in chicken noodle soup
Serve it with white sauce or cheese sauce or any kind of sauce...

If anyone reading this post does not have a spaetzle maker and would like one, they can be purchased on Amazon.com.

Have fun cooking!!!! I will keep learning more fun Austrian foods to make so I can teach everyone when I come back!


  1. Thanks, but I thought Spaetzle was a German food? Or is there a different/regional version of it in Austria?

  2. It's Bavarian (Southern German). In some parts of Austria it's all the same (Tyrol, Salzburg). Austrians like to think of themselves as above Germans, but many Germans view Austria as their little provencial playground, that might as well be German.

  3. Oh, in Austria its not usually called Spaetzle and pretend they don't know what you're talking about if you call it that. They usually call it Nockerln or Knoepfle

  4. i watched the video. it looked good but i think i will not try to make it. too much involved and trying to do it without the right tool etc.
    but karen should have been in the movies. she did a great job!!
    i know, you will say it was because of the director!!

  5. Awesome! I love Spaetzle. Lucky I brought a spaetzle maker back with me from Austria!


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