19 December 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Since we have been traveling we are a little behind on our posting! Just after Thanksgiving we started decorating for Christmas. We pulled out our tiny fake tree and our beautiful ornaments and had fun as a family decorating.

 Oliver got a little tangled in the electric candle cord (I did too...) It's a strange cord, because it is a circle, so there is no beginning to start at, you just drape it over the tree, and somehow I can never make it work right.

Elora was so excited to help with the tree. She took her job very seriously and wanted to make sure everything was in just the right place. Last year she wasn't allowed to touch some of the ornaments, so she was "being very careful!" with them to show that she is a big girl who can help even with ornaments that can break!

Oliver got tired of decorating and went to sit in the toy drawers instead.

We bought a Weihnachts Pyramid at the Christmas market we went to with Amy in Salzburg, and had fun lighting the candles for the first time. Oliver was fascinated by the candles, and in this picture he is pointing at the candles while saying, "HOT!"

Fertig! Our beautiful little tree with new ornaments from some markets this year, alongside our Weihnacht Pyramid. I collect the handpainted pewter ornaments they sell here. It is even complete with presents (Thanks family!) and surprisingly no one (not even Chris!) has tried to open any presents early this year.

ps - the tree does have a mix of "fake candles" and real candles, making this a special holiday flaming Christmas tree of death (candles are naturally blown out as soon as you leave the room).

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