03 December 2009

Elora says...

While listening to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sing America the Beautiful:
Elora: "I cried happy tears dad because I loved the song"

I read the title of a book, but not the author out loud to Elora. She's used to me reading the author's name on some other books and she said:
Elora: "Did no body write this book?"

Elora: Maxi has black and white stripes. He's almost like a zebra.

Elora: If you close my door I'll kick and scream and then when I'm done kicking and screaming I'll just open it back up again.

Elora: Remember when Grace got knocked down by the sheep? I was smart, I didn't get knocked down. (Nice show of compassion for your friend Elora...)

Elora left Teddy at a friend's house. She was crying, here is some of the conversation:
Elora: I don't want Clean Teddy! I need Dirty Teddy! I will miss him more and more if you don't get him right now!
Me: We can't go get him right now, there are no buses running that can take us to get him (takes us over an hour to get to this friend's house... It was 9pm)
Elora: We need to get a car and go get him!
Me: We don't have a car. But he is not lost, they will take good care of him and we can get him tomorrow.
Elora: But they don't have the right food to feed him!!!!!!
Me: I will call them and tell them to feed him. They will take good care of him.
Elora: But I will miss him more and more!!!!
Me: Sorry, we can't get him before tomorrow.
Elora: Can you get my new book for me to read to Clean Teddy?

While watching a movie:
Me: Elora, would you like an apple?
Elora: Yeah, yeah! To go!

Elora: Tell me a story about a sticker who gets sent to jail and is sad.
Me: Do stickers get sent to jail?
Elora: Yeah, sometimes when they have arms and legs. Some people don't like that kind of sticker, so they put them in jail.

Reading a story:
Elora: Why is the frog mad?
Me: I don't know, why do you think he is mad? (this is my response when I can sense that a whole string of "why?"s are looming)
Elora: Maybe he is sad because he fell in the water. Or maybe he got bit by a shark.

Elora: What if we could walk on the clouds?
Me: Wouldn't that be neat?
Elora: When I am a little bit bigger, I am going to do that.
Me: How are you going to get up there, it is very high.
Elora: There is no elevator to get up there! You have to climb a ladder, and then you can look out at the sky and enjoy the pretty view! Isn't that neat?

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