29 December 2009

Crazy Kids

Due to the fact that I have been sick the last few days, I haven't gotten around to getting all the Christmas pics posted and all that, but I had a few cute pics of the kids I wanted to share in the meantime. I think I will probably start getting Christmas up tomorrow...

Oliver has new nursery teachers at church, and they are awesome. First of all, Oliver is no longer sad to go to nursery, and second, they always make cute little crafts with the kids that Oliver loves. A few weeks ago they made the kids little crowns that say "I am a child of God". Oliver absolutely adores his crown, and often wears it around the house.

Oliver with his crown again, and his yogurt bucket, one of his favorite toys.

Elora got jealous that I was taking pics of Ollie, so she jumped in front and said, "No, take a picture of me without Oliver!" She tried to block him from every picture, but he managed to peek out from behind her in this one. They are such little hams.

And Oliver with another of his favorite toys of all time, the teapot. He plays with it so much that I actually never use it, and he lost one of the screws in the handle. I searched EVERYWHERE for the screw, but I think I must have thrown it away. Finally I superglued a random screw that didn't fit into the teapot so he could have his favorite toy back, and he is already back to carrying it all over the house.

The last week I have really enjoyed watching the kids as they have started playing together more and more, and I realized how lucky I am to have such sweet kids. They make me smile every day and I am so grateful to have them in my life. They are learning to share and show love to each other, which makes each day even more special as I watch them learn and grow together.

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