20 September 2009

Schoenbrunn Zoo (again!)

We went to the zoo with Grace again. Elora and Grace had such a great time playing in the hippo house. Chris took all these pics of the girls, and I couldn't decide which one I liked, so I made a collage.

This is inside the house with aquariums, frogs, and butterflies. It is a really neat place to play, and Oliver loved the fish.

Ethan had a soccer ball, and Oliver got really excited to kick and chase the ball. I think he will be a great soccer player someday!

There were these beautiful white peacocks walking around near the orangutan house. I have never seen them before. Oliver thought they were really neat.

Oliver posing with the orangutan statues. Isn't he cute? It was a really beautiful day outside, and a great day to be at the zoo.

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