24 November 2009

Milk Fort

We bought a new brand of diapers today, and how cool is this? The box was designed to turn into a little castle, complete with a knight and princess to play with.

One of my friends took me to the Austrian version of Costco, and I bought 84 liters of milk. It was a lot cheaper than the grocery store, so I thought I would stock up. It keeps on the shelf for about four months, although 84 liters won't last us near that long.

Oliver loves to carry the toothpaste around and also to brush his teeth. He looks pretty pleased with himself for finding the toothpaste.

Elora and Daddy decided to build a fort with all the milk. What else were we supposed to do with it?

Mommy and Ollie playing and watching the fort building.

Mommy and Ollie in the milk fort!

Elora in the new fort! She was so excited to have a new fort (and was disappointed when we told her that it was time to put up the milk...)


  1. Ha ha... for the fort, or keeping track of the kidlets? Because Chris did the fort... I just bought the milk!


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