03 November 2009

Happy Hallowiener

Fröhliche Halloween aus Wien! Happy Halloween from Vienna! If you missed our previous Halloween 09 post, here is where we explain the kids homemade Halloween costumes.

Austrians don't celebrate Halloween or go Trick or Treating. Sometimes you'll see a party here or there, but it's nothing like on the grand scale in the US. But fortunately for us, we heard the neighborhood near the American International School in Vienna had a handful of houses doing Trick-or-Treating.

Elora and Ollie were excited to go. Elora already had a little taste of it from the previous Trunk or Treat. And Ollie knew that when it was time to put on his Knights of Rhodes costume it meant he was in for a good time.

He quickly got the hang of asking for treats, saying "Taa Trreee".

Elora invited her friend Grace to come. You can see the excitement in both of their eyes!

More candy!

There were only about 10 houses to go to, so we weren't outside in the freezing cold for too long. Afterwards we went to the Christiansen's house, which was in the neighborhood for dinner. Elora got to watch Kirsten carve a squash (since they couldn't find any pumpkins large enough to carve).

Meanwhile, Ollie enjoyed eating the candy and crying everytime trick or treaters came to the door and he too didn't get a piece of candy. Little candy monster! Word must of gotten out that the Americans were giving away free candy because a lot of Austrians were showing up, and they cleaned out the Christiansen's candy basket.

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  1. It looks as though you guys had a great halloween time. The costumes are great. You did a wonderful job.


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