09 October 2009

What we've been up to...

There are lots of posts this week, partially because I am bored withChris being in Florida, but also to update Chris on what the kids aredoing, as well as letting everyone else see what's been happening inVienna... so here is yet another kids hanging out post with somerandom pics of what we have been doing this week.

We went to the zoo with Elora's friend Grace, and these are a couple pictures from our "picnic" lunch we ate before taking the train home.

I love these gardens. We are trying to enjoy them as much as possible before the weather turns ugly!!! It was almost 80 twice this week, made me think summer was back!

This is another little park near our house. Oliver figured out that it is fun to push the carousel while running around it instead of playing on it. The best part was after he was tired of this game he started to cry because he was scared to let go of it while it was still moving!

Elora likes to dig for treasure in the sandbox. She has actually found money and a marker, so she really likes this game. Today we found "pieces of broken pirate dishes". I am not sure what the pieces were really of, luckily I convinced her to leave them for the pirates to find and we collected some pretty leaves instead.

Making cookies: Oliver fussed the whole time I was making the dough, because I wouldn't let him eat any until it was actually dough. Not sure why the raw eggs seem less gross once there is flour in them...

Elora kept licking sugar off the measuring cups. "While I am waiting to eat the cookie dough, I will have sugar as a little snack!" That's my girl!

And this morning she decided to paint some pictures. And some of the leaves and rocks we collected. I have leaves all over the kitchen that we were going to make a collage out of, but I don't have any Elmer's glue... what in the world do they sell here for glue? I can only find glue sticks and glue from the hardware store...

Ollie enjoyed watching Elora paint, while deciding that the yogurt tastes better when eaten with fingers instead of a spoon. I will have to try that myself next time.

And here is for the grandparents: Elora told me she was spelling her name the other day, and when I looked, she actually had spelled part of her name! She knows that there is an E-L-O (except she calls the L a "one") and also, there are some Os for Oliver. Very cute.

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