22 October 2009

Roter Berg

These pics are from a few weeks ago when it was still warm and I just keep forgetting to post them! Here is Ollie trying out the scooter. It is hard for Elora to get a turn because as soon as Oliver sees it, he climbs on. He already has great balance.

Here is me showing Elora how to climb this wall. It is hilarious to watch Elora try it. She just doesn't get it... She always ends up either hanging from the rope, or trying to grip the wood wall with her fingertips.

Ollie loves to swing!

The kids love these little teepees. When we have a yard again we will have to build one...

Elora loves to sit in the little house at the park and cook for everyone. Here she is serving Ollie some sticks and leaves.

This is such a weird thing to have at the park, but it is pretty fun.

Ollie wanted to try too, he thought it was neat to see the tires spin.

Elora cooking for me, with Ollie and Chris on the carousel in the background.

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